Borneo Tour Guide for West Kalimantan area’s, member of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association, legal tourist guide, professional and experience

Borneo Tour Guide

Do you want to travel to West Kalimantan, Indonesia
West Kalimantan has many unexposed destinations
West Kalimantan has many waterfalls in the tropical jungle
For information, more people in villages or tourist destinations do not speak English
Therefore, you need a partner to get around West Kalimantan

Hi, my name is HADI SYAFRIENDI, people usually call me YENDI

borneo tour guide
Call me YENDI

We are professional and experienced tourist guide in West Kalimantan

Official Tourist Guide member of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association

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For trips in West Kalimantan, we can accompany and help with accommodation and transportation during the trip, vehicles and also places to stay during the tour

We have ready tours package to go trips, you can chose here ==> HOMEPAGE BORNEO CAMPING CAR
We also can arrange your trip by request, you can plan the journey before arrived in west kalimantan.

We serve pickup from Supadio International Airport, DwiKora Pontianak SeaPort, Entikong Border, and Aruk Border

More destination in west kalimantan can you visiting likes waterfall, beach, island, and forest.

You can try more attractions in West Kalimantan, such as swimming, rafting, snorkeling, diving, trekking, releasing baby turtles, watching sea turtle laying eggs, etc.

More cullinary can you taste in every city and vilage with special flavoure, likes Asam Pedas Fish, paddas porridge, choi pan, kwe tiau goreng, sate, nasi padang, tempe, etc

Also know culture of Dayak Kanayatn on Traditional Dayak Long house in Saham Village, Landak Regency.

And know culture of Melayu with several kingdoms in various regions in West Kalimantan

And also know culture of Tionghoa in Singkawang city which is called the city of a thousand temples and the city of tolerance in Indonesia

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We have a car that can be taken to the destination according to your request with 2 modes of equipment that can be selected according to the number of people and destination

Standard mode for those of you who want to travel with a family of up to 6 people and luggage.
With a specific purpose and staying at the inn, not for the outdoors.


second modes, for maksimum 4 passenger and luggage

borneo tour guide

This mode is for those of you who travel with no more than 4 people.

With some of the camping equipment that we provide in the car, it can be used at any time if needed, both while traveling or in interesting places where you can stop by to enjoy the natural scenery.

This mode is a camping mode, but it’s not the same as a campervan, because you can’t sleep in the car, but it has a mini kitchen in the car that can be used if you want to stop on the side of the road.

To sleep in nature, you can use the tent that has been provided in the equipment in this car.

Some of the equipment provided in this camping mode is as follows below

borneo tour guide

borneo tour guide

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